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Move Your Body, Move Your Spirit: Yoga and Cancer

Cancer patients are discovering that yoga offers both an accessible form of exercise and a path to mental clarity that is a welcome addition during and after treatment.

When Laura Kupperman, a yoga instructor in Boulder , Colorado , was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, she continued to practice yoga throughout her cancer treatment. “Instead of thinking ‘Cancer is going to get in the way of my yoga,’ I thought, ‘Yoga is going to help me get through my cancer,’” Kupperman says.

Kupperman used yoga as rehabilitation after her bilateral mastectomy, returning to her yoga practice as soon as her incisions healed. “During my first class, I could barely move. After only a few classes, my body was totally different,” she says.

When Kupperman returned to her doctor a few months later for a revision of her breast reconstruction, her doctor was impressed by the absence of scar tissue. “My doctor was so amazed and asked me what I had been doing. I can’t scientifically prove it, but I attribute it to my yoga practice,” Kupperman says.

Kupperman isn’t alone. More and more cancer patients are finding that yoga is a beneficial form of exercise both during and after treatment.

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