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Yoga in Los Angeles, CA

Ahhh, the city of angels. The city of nip and tuck, the valley of dolls, the city that builds dreams, the silicone capital(not really, apparently Miami takes the kead there). There are about 8000 yoga studios in the city. This is what Google claims. For a city of 10M residents , thats a studio per 140 residents. Not bad. But as you will see soon, this is no where close to the city with the best yoga-studio to resident ratio.

Los Angeles more than makes it up for its not so great studio-resident ratio by having the most number of yoga related apparel shops in the nation. Even if the angels do not workut, they like to dress up! And do they dress up. Some of the hottest yoga pants in the US can be seen here :)

Talking about Los Angeles, theres an awesome awesome non-profit based out of Los Angeles called “Yoga Gives Back”. Here’s their mission in short –

Our mission is two-fold. First, after learning about Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Dr. Muhammad Yunus’ revolutionary micro financing breakthrough, Yoga Gives Back decided to support micro-credit institutions in India that are working to end poverty by lending money to people who have no access to capital, those who are excluded from the banking and financial systems that most of us take for granted. With as little as a $25 loan, women in rural India can start and run profitable businesses, freed from the shackles of moneylenders who would keep them in an unending cycle of debt.




Yoga Gives Back’s fundraiser


Support them and read more about

See you in another Californian city tomorrow.

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