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Healthy Holidays Tip of the Day – From Anxiety to Normal in 2 Seconds

Yes, you read it right.  This technique will pull your anxiety levels down in literally two seconds.  But you gotta promise yourself to give it your all.  Can you do that?

I know, I know.  You are thinking, “this is not possible”.  Even my prescription pills can’t do it that fast.  Do you know why?  Cause the pills are treating the external symptoms only.  The underlying problem is still there.

This technique, however, goes to the source of the negative emotion itself.  It cuts it off at the root, never to arise again,  or even when it does arise again, it will be lesser in intensity.

Before we tell you this technique, we must tell you the logic behind it so you feel motivated to do it.

How to always have a Smile

How to always have a Smile

Would you agree that our emotions are connected to our breath?

Have you noticed that when you are fuming angrily in your car stuck in rush hour traffic your breath is very different from when you are sitting at the beach sipping a Mai Tai?  So our emotions are connected to our breath.  And breath is part of our body, so and our breath is connected to our body.

Therefore, our emotions are connected to our body.

So the technique is to simple:  When you start to feel the holiday stress, anxiety, anger, or any other negative emotion, just quickly take your attention to your body.  Start scanning your body up and down and see if you notice any major sensations.  Throbbing, stinging, thick blocks, tremors, anything at all.

It’s as simple as that.  You will notice something. What you find depends entirely on your constitution, karma, body, mind, conditioning and past experiences.  So just notice your body.  Scan up and down.  That’s it.

This will be easier to do with a regular practice of yoga. Try if yoga is for you with yogatailor’s online customized videos. There’s a free trial going on right now.

Tweet us to share what happens @yogatailor.  We would love to hear how you feel.

We wish you happy christmas and a stress free, fun holiday season of giving and sharing.

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