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HealthyHolidays Tip of the Day – Replace Flu Shots w/this 3-herb combo

Many people are coming to realize that thanks to the Flu Shots given at pharmacies, the flu strain is becoming stronger.  It adapts to the flu shot medicine to come back stronger the next year.  When will this end?  Even more scary is how will it end?  Will it end?

Some are coming to believe that this can only be curbed by people not going for the Flu Shots and we at yogatailor have come upon a powerful alternative that has saved some our employees time and again.  Sure has helped productivity during the season when everyone around us is down with a nasty flu.

Are you ready?  Here goes…

These droplet bottles are found in any natural food store.  We like the Gaia Organics brand.

1. Astralagus root

Natural herbal alternative to flu shots

Natural herbal alternative to flu shots

2. Echinacea

3. Black elderberry

One vial of each with warm water everyday.  Every six hours for those who are starting to feel the flu coming on.  It’s amazing how it works. Of course a simple yoga routine will keep you resistant to the flu in the first place. Try yogatailor’s customized online videos. There’s a free trial going on right now too.

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