Benefits of Meditation

How to Balance your Brain and Metabolism in 2 minutes. (in your chair)

What would happen if both our brains function at the same time?  It is something called relaxed alertness.  Like the ultimate yogi, you are on top of your game.  You can walk the tighrope from end to end without a problem.  This is the perfect balance we crave.  And if we can achieve it…wow!  Watch out world, cause there ain’t nothing like it.

Can you imagine the benefits of being completely relaxed and yet completely alert, say, if you are an Olympic Athlete.  Few of us can lay claim to such prestigious activities.  But life is more fun if we are ultimately de-stressed and fully enthusiastic and full of energy when we, say, go to work, go do groceries, take our kids to little league or just plain cooking dinner.  So how do we do that?  How do we live life to the fullest of our potential?

At any one time only one side of our body and brain is dominant.  It’s kind of like yin and yang.  One is the warm, aggressive, left brained male side associated with the sun.  The other is the cool, feminine, right brained side associated with the moon.  This has to do with our moods, our metabolism, and our overall well being and functioning.

For instance, try this.  If you can’t get to sleep turn over to your left side.  This helps to slow down the system.  And when you want to get up, say after, (shameless plug alert!!) a nice customized online workout from Yogatailor, then turn to the right side and lie there for a few minutes before getting up.

How do you know what side of your brain is dominant.  Take your finger and place it underneath your nostrils.  You will notice that only one of the nostrils is dominant at any one time.  In fact, if your left nostril is active, it is a good time to do an activity like meditation, listening to music or painting.  If you right nostril is active that means the opposite hemisphere of the brain is active and it’s a good time to do anything requiring logistics and organization.

Also, and this is an extremely helpful tip, if your right nostril is active, it means it’s a good time to eat cause your metabolism is high.  In fact every time you are hungry, notice which nostril is active.  It will almost always be the right one.

Now how to achieve that perfect balance of having both nostrils alive and kicking so you are living life to the ultimate max.  Well, do we have a treat for you.  Here’s a video of the powerful breathing technique called Nadi Shodhan.  (alternate nostril breathing).  It balances both brain hemispheres.

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