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Super charge the benefits: Yoga for your Body Type

When I started going Yoga there was always one thought nagging me. How do they decide which posture comes after which? How do I know this series is right for me? Is it ok to do the same poses and sequence for everyone? There are lot of postures and poses in yoga. And a lot of different permutations and combinations of poses (asanas) that one can do. Most of us don’t have the Hollywood luxury of having personal trainers or chefs. Neither do we live in ancient India where the sages (seers or rishis) would mould your practice according to the needs of your mind-body complex, what you are going through at that time and what you need at that time. So how do we know that we are doing the right Yoga?

Ideally Yoga brings not just mental and physical health, but rather, a unique type of wellness called ‘swastha’. ‘Swastha’ means health. In Sanskrit this word literally means to be established in the self. When you work from a position of total unity of body, mind and spirit, health follows, karma does not accumulate and a very unique quality of well being is experienced. But to do this it is important that you do the poses for your body type or do the series in a particular way that is appropriate for your body type.

To know what poses to do for your body you will have to know about your body type. For that we will be looking into Ayurveda in our next few blogs. According to Deepak Chopra’s www.chopra.com/ayurveda, “Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India. More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vital while realizing their full human potential. Providing guidelines on ideal daily and seasonal routines, diet, behavior and the proper use of our senses, Ayurveda reminds us that health is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit.

Supercharging Yoga Benefits

Supercharging Yoga Benefits

Ayurveda is a sister science of yoga and both have developed together and compliment each other wonderfully. Actually it’s a very modern science of healing because it brought the personalized and customized approach to healthcare to the common man. So whether you are rich or poor, if you go to a Vaid (ayurvedic physician) your common cold will be treated in a way that is unique to you. According to www.ayurveda.comJust as everyone has a unique fingerprint, everyone has a unique pattern of energy – an individual combination of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics – which comprises their own constitution.” Ayurveda identifies 3 body types that arise from different combinations of the 5 elements found in nature.

There are specific yoga poses that enhance different aspects of the energies found in each type. Imagine the stellar results of doing Yoga according to your unique energy pattern and your own body type.

Next time we will tell you how to identify your Ayurvedic body type. It is normally a combination of two of the three.

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