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Why is there Power in Om?

“om” is arguably the most well-known word one finds in a non-religious, spiritual context. Although, traditionally associated with the Vedic Religion (popularly but wrongly known as ‘Hinduism’) it is used by non-hindus, new agers & many different people in different settings.

It is said that the primordial sound is Om. Om is the root of all creation. To go into the meaning of this would be beyond the scope of the article. Here we can simply talk about the effects of Om and its power and why it has the power it does.

What is the Power of this Sound

What is the Power of this Sound

Om is a sanskrit word. Sanskrit is the most ancient language. It is as ancient as our consciousness. So when we utter or chant in this ancient language it effects and transforms our consciousness without us even realizing it. Different Sanskrit words effect different parts of the body and the chakras. But ‘Om’ envelopes and contains all sounds so it has a more of a comprehensive effect on the system. It effects the physical, mental and nervous system. It brings it closer to it’s natural rhythm and state. And the closer we get to our natural rhythm, the healthier we feel. We develop a sense of well being.

Everything in nature, in the universe, in the world has a rhythm. Day follows night, winter follows summer, high tide follows low tide, full moon etc. In the same way our bodies and our systems have their own rhythms. Due to daily stresses in our physical and emotional environment, we go out of that rhythm. Then we start to look for happiness outside. That leads to further stress.

Things like yoga, pranayama and meditation bring you back to your natural, deep, primordial rhythm. To chant ‘om’ before your practice signals to your system that now you are about to enter the infinite world where names, forms and our normal sense of measuring things does not exist.

Om is a signal that it’s time to go into the deep inner silence. The well from where eternal joy and happiness springs.

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