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What postures and which sequence for your body mind type?

Ok. Now that you have found out your body type you are ready to do Yoga properly.

If you are already subscribed to yogatailor or have experience doing Yoga, this will make much more sense to you.

According to Sri Sri Yoga, an understanding of our Doshas helps us in the following ways:

1. allows us to guage the effects of the practice
2. helps us to adapt the practice according to our indiv. Requirements.

Because the practice right for one Doshic type may not be right for another.

With that preamble, we will first tell you about Kapha constitution and Yoga.

As per Sri Sri Yoga (http://www.srisriyoga.org/) the key words for practice for Kapha people is heat, movement, energy. So Kapha constitution should do many rounds of Sun Salutations with vigor. Twists, inverted postures and muscle strengthening postures. For the reasoning behind this and more details on yoga for Kapha please see personalized customized Yoga practice videos at www.Yogatailor.com

For Vata doshas the key word of emphasis is calm, slow, steady, unhurried. Do sun salutations consciously. Poses that remove air, for alignment, and those that calm the mind. For the reasoning behind this, specific postures that achieve these states and more details on yoga for Vata please see personalized customized Yoga practice videos at www.Yogatailor.com

For Pitta the important thing is to do cooling, calming, gentle methods in approaching your yoga practice. Slow sun salutations, no bringing blood to the head, not tensing the muscles. Discourage competiveness and do not try to achieve the perfect visual pose.

There is a lot more to Yoga and Ayurveda that is beyond the scope of these blogs. We encourage you to start practicing Yoga and keep these things in mind. If you would like to be referred to good classes and teachers in your area, please contact us.

As always tweet us @yogatailor with questions and comments. We are happy to help.

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