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Yoga and Memorial Day

Yoga is all about living in the present moment. As a matter of fact, most sports activities are enjoyable because you are living in the moment. When you are shooting that basketball or running that last mile or making that turn at 30mph on your bike  – you are living in the moment. That’s when you are in Zen. Time stands still. The botched meeting last week is not on your mind. The rude Stabucks employee now seems like a distant memory. Heck.. your psycho chem professor from grad school seems like a tender teddy bear. And for a lot of you yogis there, you felt this bliss during yoga. If you didn’t, you will. Dont stress on it. Let go.

But then there’s Memorial Day; where most of America is mostly concerned about what sauce to use for their BBQ. There are a few of us who think about the past. What began as a ritual of remembrance after the Civil War, now has become an occasion for ordinary people to visit graves of their deceased relatives.

Patanjali, the creator of the Yoga Sutras, says there is no conflict. Life and death are part of ahem… life. When we realize this, we lighten up. We see the bigger context. We see that we all have to die one day. We immediately realize that the only moment to live is the present one. Yoga helps us release these memories before they become permanent impressions.

Happy memorial day, dear yogis!

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