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Yogatailor releases best yoga app for iPhone,iPad with support for ChromeCast and AppleTV

Yogatailor has released the best yoga app yet, allowing yogis of all levels (beginner, intermediate and expert) to practice a personalized yoga workout with the touch of a finger. The app comes with in built support for ChromeCase and AppleTV.

As you know, we launched the online yoga video site,, about 3 years ago. When we set out to create the yogatailor website, our goal was to create a personal yoga experience. The landscape has changed since then. Smartphones have brought the power of technology into our palms. With a device like the iPhone or iPad, we can make yogatailor an even more personal experience because it is more mobile than ever, or as we like to call it – your personalized pocket guru. After months of design and development , I am very happy and proud to introduce the yogatailor app for iphone and ipad.

Yogatailor is more than a fitness app, it’s a way to treat your mind and body right. We believe the path to true mind and body health should include a well-rounded mindfulness journey that is personalized, easy and most importantly accessible anywhere and anytime.

The Yogatailor app allows you to specify a goals such as “I want to sleep better”, “I want to reduce stress” or “I want to increase flexibility”.  The app then creates an instructor-led 5 day program with proven meditation, pranayama and yoga asana exercises for you to follow. We tailor to injuries, time constraints and skill level, creating a unique experience each time you visit. What’s more, yogatailor grows with you – adjusting the program based on user performance.

Download the app for free:

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