Yoga for Pregnant Moms

5 Ways Yoga Can Benefit Pregnant Mothers

1. Keeps Stress Levels Under Control. Being pregnant is an emotional and stressful time. The deep breathing we do in yoga makes our nervous system go into parasympathetic mode, which relaxes the body. With so much time put into preparation for the body, pregnant mothers often forget about themselves. Yoga is the time where mothers can focus on themselves, relax, and calm down the body.

2. Keeps You Fit and in Shape. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape. Kate Middleton took prenatal yoga courses during her pregnancy, and continues to do yoga to stay in shape. Prenatal yoga specifically focuses on gentle exercises, which are safe for both the body and baby.

3. Prepares you for Childbirth. Labor is an extremely difficult and physical process. However, yoga is the perfect tool to help you prepare. Yoga requires deep breathing and the need to be conscious of your breathing during uncomfortable yoga poses. This translates perfectly into labor, which requires long period of deep breathing and feeling uncomfortable.

4. Relieves Body Pains. Carrying a baby’s weight in your belly can cause uncomfortable body pain. Yoga stretches our bodies and releases the tension we have in our muscle groups. Yoga gives mothers the opportunity to put some time aside to stretch out and focus on any tight areas that need some loosening up.

5. Creates Bond With Baby. Prenatal yoga is a quiet time where mothers can focus on their body and what is going on inside. You can slow down from the day by becoming aware of your body through deep breathing and yoga poses. This allows mothers to listen and feel a connection with their little one.

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