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Beginner Tips to Start & Keep, Doing Yoga Regularly

Doing yoga regularly is the best way to see benefits such as increased flexibility, lower stress levels, greater ease in the body, and easier progress in your practice.   Not to mention the calm, glowy feeling you get post-practice.  So it’s important to start to a practice at home as well as taking classes often even if you’re a beginner.

As a yoga teacher myself, I understand it’s hard to practice regularly. The top reasons I hear are:

1.  I’m afraid of doing it wrong:

  • If you have the funds, it’s totally worthwhile to try a few private yoga sessions.  Find your favorite teacher and most likely they offer private sessions.  They will give you specific feedback to avoid injuries.  And you can even ask to use the sessions to create a routine you can do at home!  Try booking a semi-private session, with a friend  and split the costs.
  • If neither of those are an option, make special note of the feedback given in class, and do that routine.

2.  I don’t know what to do exactly.  How can I choose from so many asanas?

  • Get a few great books, or dvds in the style that you are most comfortable with.  Ask your yoga teacher for her/his recommendations.  Create a library of your favorites, and follow their sequences.
  • Do consider getting also a gentle or restorative dvd so you have a routine for those days that you may not want as active a practice.
  • Try our service to get guided yoga on demand, that’s customized for you using the YogaTailor app. at any time.

3.  It’s hard to get motivated. 

Some of the previous suggestions work here too.

  • Do yoga with a friend once or twice a week– perhaps they have a nice deck or you have lots of space in the living room.  Make it fun, go for refreshing coolers afterwards or make your own!
  • Science of motivation says link a new habit to one you already have firmly engrained.  For me, I always have a cup of green tea in the morning.  And immediately after I do yoga!  The two things go together in my mind.   This works because you don’t have to stop and think- your sub-conscious links the two things.

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