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Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Practicing Meditation

We deliberately put the word “practicing” in the title as meditation is a “practice”. It’s not about being perfect and getting your mind absolutely still.  I’ll explain why that thought actually stymies meditation.

If like a lot of yogi’s you enjoy a vinyasa style sweaty practice or you run, it can be hard to see why sitting still (which is hard,) can be of any benefit.

Let’s talk about a busy mom, who finds her three year old is stressing her out, constant activity, no longer wanting to take naps, it’s a constant energy drain keeping up.  She’s getting stressed at her husband who doesn’t seem to do little things she’d appreciate like wash the dishes, or fix that broken thing he promised to fix 6 months ago.   Meditation can help when you are feeling frazzled and feel like you are running from one task to the next, like a hamster on a wheel.

Some of the benefits of meditation, according to a Psychology Today article are:

  • Boosts immune system function
  • Decreases anxiety & stress
  • Improves self-control

These are just a few, check out the article for more- but lets get into how to practice. One that is worthy of special mention is it actually changes the brain physically- this was a shocker to scientists- that a mental process can have a physical effect on brain tissue.  Yes, parts of the brain actually get bigger in size. Cool!

So for busy moms or busy executives or if you are both, it’s time to start a meditation practice.  So if we’ve got you convinced to start, here are some mindset shifts before discussing (in upcoming post) how to actually meditate.

Mindset Shifts to Get Benefits of Meditation:

  • Set aside time. Anywhere from 10-20 minutes is an ideal start.
  • Do try to practice at least 3x a week, and if possible daily.  But start where you are, with what you can do.
  • Regularity of “sitting” as meditation is sometimes called, is more important than doing it for longer times but sporadically.  The regularity is what will bring results
  • Non-judgement: this is the key to meditation and being “successful” with it.  So let me explain:

The main thing that stops us from meditating is the fear of dong it wrong or badly.  That is exactly what mediation is meant to help us overcome- our fears, doubts and to make up aware of our thought processes.   Don’t let them stop you from the practice.

The goal is not to make your mind “blank.”  The mind naturally has thoughts- meditation is the way to begin to create calm-even with thoughts, worries and fears. In a sense regular meditation practice takes you beyond those mental fluctuations, to a greater sense of peace.

Remember it’s a practice.  In an upcoming post we’ll give simple seated meditation practice, that is the classic way to mediate.



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