Feeling overwhelmed in the morning? Here’s 5 tips for a zen AM.

So you wake up overwhelmed in the morning…lucky for you, I found a magic potion to make you immune from waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Okay, it’s not your typical drinkable witches spell, but if you follow this recipe – you’ll be setting yourself up for your best mornings ever.

  1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you need to.
    Let’s just put this in perspective. You hopefully sleep somewhere between 6-8 hours in a night. 15 minutes is about 3% of that time. Your morning routine is somewhere between 30 minutes – 1 hour in which 15 minutes makes up a whopping 33%. The extra 15 minutes of sleep usually isn’t worth it compared to the peace of mind the extra 15 will bring you in the AM. It gives you some wiggle room if an unexpected issue arises and best of all you don’t have to rush. Take the extra time to do something you love or check a chore off of your to do list. You will be feeling great either way.
  2. Don’t look at your phone first thing.
    We are all so attached to our phones. Most likely, your phone is the thing waking you up every morning. Do yourself a favor and before you look through your instagram newsfeed, respond to text messages from last night or emails from this morning…pause and proceed to step 3.
  3. Take some deep breaths.
    In case you didn’t know, breathing is SO good for you. Not just in the obvious “I would die if I didn’t breathe way” but long deep breathing is scientifically linked to better health. When you wake up try to take at least 5 deep breaths. As you inhale through your nose, feel your body fill with fresh prana (breath) and energy, as you exhale feel the mind and body relax. Bonus: If you wake up feeling anxious, use your exhale to metaphorically let go of a worry or anxiety.
  4. Name 10 things you are grateful for right now.
    Lucky for me, my dad has a library full of success and self-help oriented books. Luckier for me, my dad has encouraged me to read some of his favorites. A trend that we both noticed throughout many of the books was beginning your day with gratitude. My dad and I both like to have a journal by our bed and write down 10 people or things that we are grateful for. Instead of running through a to-do list of the day as soon as you rise, take a second to acknowledge what you appreciate most in life – what gets you through that to do list. Try smiling while you’re at it :) If you don’t have the time or the energy to write them in a journal just take a second to acknowledge each person or thing in a mental list.
  5. Get excited.
    Think of something you are excited for today. It can be something as small as your morning latte. If you can’t think of anything that’s scheduled, plan something to look forward to.

Implement these and voila you are a morning person!

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