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Incorporating Yoga Into Your Workouts

Regular yoga practice is not just for the yogis of the world anymore! Yoga can serve as a helpful compliment to your existing fitness routine.

It’s no secret that yoga can be a beneficial practice. Unfortunately, many athletes neglect to include yoga in their lives because they see it as merely stretching or a spiritual practice that they don’t have time for. While it can be those things, it can be so much more. And can even enhance your fitness performance!

Here are just a few ways incorporating yoga can really benefit your workouts:

  • Breathing. A huge part of yoga is integrating the breath and your movements. How many times have you been told to breathe through your run? Or that ab workout? Learning to be in tune with your breath can help you be more conscious of your breathing during workouts, and thus able to push yourself harder.
  • Control. Yoga really encourages mind-body awareness. Through learning about your body you’ll in turn be able to keep better form when lifting weights or running. Keeping the right form will maximize your benefit from your workouts.
  • Muscle Relief. In many ways yoga takes you through ranges of motion not typically exercised in a traditional workout. Through this stretching and subsequent muscle building, yoga can help tremendously with injury prevention as well as muscle soreness relief.

Here are some ways to get started incorporating yoga into your training:

  • One of the best ways to incorporate some yoga into your day is as a stretch after your workouts. Thanks to your recent workout, your muscles will be much more pliable and ready to stretch than if you just jumped in without warming up. This can be an extremely restorative practice to make a habit of.
  • If you’re feeling unmotivated about going to the gym, try a short yoga sequence to get yourself in the mood to work your body.
  • Maybe you’re itching to get moving, but know you shouldn’t push yourself too hard on your rest day. Spend some time practicing yoga as a light workout that will get the blood flowing and release endorphins making you ready to take on the day.

If you’re a gym regular looking to shed pounds or bulk up you may like the intense caloric burn of regular runs or weight lifting, and yoga may not be the kind of workout you’re used to. Giving yoga a try may just be the boost you need!

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