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Tapping into Your Intuition

Go with your gut, follow your heart, trust your first instinct…we have all been told to listen to our intuition in one way or another. However more often than not, we ignore this inner wisdom and let our overthinking monkey-mind make the decisions in our life. How many times have you made a decision against your true will and been less than pleased with the outcome? How many times have you said to yourself “I should have gone with my first instinct”? We all know the feeling…

So why trust your intuition? What do you know compared to the “experts” who have filled your mind with knowledge to make the right decisions in life? The answer is simple.First, identify whatever god you believe in. Jesus, Buddha, Love, the Universe whatever that higher power is that you resonate with. Now here is the secret – that being that you believe in is what I like to call your “higher self” or your intuition. I believe that all beings on this earth have a little piece of this higher self that resides in their hearts. When we hear that familiar voice or gut feeling telling us something is right and true that is your higher self guiding you. When you block out the constant chatter of your mind and tune into your heart and listen to what it tells you, you will be living your life in purpose. You will not be resisting what your higher power has in store for you. Instead, you will be living a life of love and happiness because you are living in your purpose. You will no longer feel out of control of your life and its circumstances. You will no longer feel a lack of will or power in your life. You can take control when you follow your heart.

The most difficult thing to do when tapping into your intuition is separating that voice from the many voices in your mind. Next time you are faced with a decision pause. Close your eyes (if possible) and take a deep, slow, mindful breath to calm down. Then turn inward and focus your attention on your heart. What is the most loving thing to do in the situation? Though many religions have different beliefs, love is a theme that transcends all. Listen to that voice and then act in love. Don’t give your mind time to judge and recalculate your decision. Feel peace knowing you chose what was right for you in that very moment.

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