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What’s the Best Time of Day to Practice Meditation and Yoga?

So you’ve been taking classes and now you’re wanting to practice a bit at home.  But what’s the ideal time, is there one to practice yoga at home?

The ideal time is early morning, in the period called Brahma Muhurtha- that is the time 3 hours prior and up to dawn.  Traditionally yogi’s payed special attention to timing activities to be in sync with the natural world and add to the power of any action.  Even now in our modern times you can see why this might still hold:

  • It’s quiet!  No distractions, especially if one lives in a city- before everyone rises and so does the noise level.
  • And if you are a mom, the kids are not up yet perhaps- you can squeeze in a 15-20 min practice

The drawbacks to early morning practice are that you body will tend to be stiffer and so you’ll feel a little clunky.  Of course this is where a nice few rounds of rightly named “Sun Salutations” are in order! The flowing, vinyasa style series is excellent for awakening the body and was traditionally done in the morning.

If you are tight, also take a warm shower before practice will help.

What about doing yoga later in the day, like after work?

  • You’ll be more flexible (even with a desk job) as you’ve been moving the body all day versus early morning stiffness
  • Yoga or meditation done then will help release tension and stress from the day.  So this time might be best if you have insomnia or tend to be wound up after work.
  • It also is easier to do a longer practice if work/responsibilities are already behind you.  If you are wanting to do say a 45 minute or hour-long set, perhaps combining yoga with mediation then towards the end of the day can be ideal.

Try both, and see what feels best for you. You are going to most sucessfully stick with is a home yoga practice that works with your lifestyle, and family’s needs.

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