Benefits of Yoga

60 Benefits of Yoga

If you’ve ever noticed yourself feeling good after a yoga class you’re already familiar with the positive effects of yoga, but this comprehensive guide to the benefits of yoga will give you all the information and more that you need to know to make you more motivated to get out your mat. Maybe you’ve never done yoga before though and you clicked this to find out if you should start, (the answer is yes!) or maybe you are a regular yogi looking to deepen your practice. Whichever stage you’re at you’ll find excitement in this list and an even deeper appreciation for yoga. So let your curiosity get the best of you and let’s get to it!

Physical Benefits of Yoga

Physical Benefits of Yoga - 60 benefits og yoga from the yogatailor blog

Physical Benefits of Yoga – yogatailor blog

  1. Increases flexibility. The first thing everyone thinks about when making a list of benefits of yoga is, you guessed it, flexibility. So let’s go ahead and get this one out of the way first. The reason for this benefit in flexibility is because yoga exercises all of the joints in a wider range of motion than other common exercises, actually increasing their range of motion over time.
  2. Regulates energy.
  3. Prevents injury. The way yoga gently works your body strengthens and lengthens muscles which, in combination with the increased range of motion, makes them less susceptible to overuse injuries. For more on injury prevention and other tips for athletes check out our post,  10 Benefits of Yoga for Runners
  4. Regulates metabolism.
  5. Promotes healthy weight.
  6. Improves posture.
  7. Relieves back pain.
  8. Increases body awareness.
  9. Strengthens the immune system.
  10. Detoxifies the body. The idea of detoxifying the body may seem like a myth, but all it really means is that increased blood flow as a result of practicing yoga can improve circulation and help all the organs perform at an optimal state.
  11. Improves muscle tone.
  12. Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
  13. Reduces the occurrence of headaches.
  14. Creates breath awareness.
  15. Aids fertility. For some women, trying to conceive can be a massive source of stress. A restorative yoga practice can be just what a woman needs to stay healthy and stress-free, priming the body for favorable conditions for conception. So do the mommas-to-be in your life a favor and read 10 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga.
  16. Improves balance.
  17. Strengthens bones. We all face decreased bone density over time, especially women, making bone maintenance extremely important as we age. Just like most other health concerns, diet and exercise are two big components for optimal bone health. Yoga is an especially beneficial exercise in that it places just enough stress on the bones to strengthen them without inducing much stress on more tender areas such as the cartilage and joints. This is particularly important for aging yogis, so read on for 10 Benefits of Yoga for Seniors.
  18. Reduces chronic pain.
  19. Improves digestion.
  20. Improves sleep.

Mental Benefits of Yoga

20 mental benefits of yoga - from the yogatailor yoga blog

20 mental benefits of yoga – from the yogatailor yoga blog

  1. Relaxes the mind.
  2. Teaches to effectively manage stress. The breath is a major indicator of our stress levels, meaning that it’s also a huge part of reducing stress. Moving with the breath gets you more in tune with keeping a calm breathing rhythm as well as breathing through challenging times.
  3. Provides a healthy coping mechanism.
  4. Serves as “me” time. Unfortunately the first thing to go when we’re feeling stretched thin is our time for self-care, even though it’s one of the key parts of maintaining happiness. Crazy, right? No matter how much time you have to dedicate to the practice, yoga can give you that much needed introspective time to decompress.
  5. Boosts memory.
  6. Increases concentration. Studies have shown that yoga stimulates brain function, especially those areas involving memory and concentration. This is just one of many reasons children can benefit from yoga, which you can read more about in our post, 10 Benefits of Yoga for Kids.
  7. Aids in decision making. You’re faced with decisions everyday- be that menial or major life choices. Of course, some decisions are harder to make than others, but with a little help from yoga to clear the mind and provide balance you can make smarter and swifter judgement calls.
  8. Improves learning efficacy.
  9. Boosts confidence. A lack of self-confidence can breed insecurities and fears that don’t serve anyone. Yoga works against this in two ways. One, by practicing regularly you align yourself mentally and physically allowing the body to perform at an optimal state. And two, over time as you progress, you challenge yourself in healthy ways that create little achievements throughout the practice.
  10. Cultivates a healthy body image. Yoga is a great non-judgmental space where you can explore your body’s strength. Feel proud when you finally nail that challenging pose after lots of hard work! Yoga also teaches you to accept the stage you are in your life journey right now.
  11. Provides mental clarity.
  12. Encourages curiosity.
  13. Provides a greater sense of control over emotions.
  14. Decreases the impact of negative emotions.
  15. Encourages optimism. As a mindfulness practice, yoga can actually change your brain making you more resilient to stressful situations and more inclined to see the bright side of things.
  16. Helps manage anxiety and depression.
  17. Decreases the perception of pain.
  18. Increases mental strength and toughness.
  19. Teaches you to be present.
  20. Strengthens the mind-body connection.

Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

20 Spiritual Benefits of Yoga - from the yogatailor blog

20 Spiritual Benefits of Yoga – from the yogatailor blog

  1. Increases feeling of connectedness.
  2. Teaches compassion.
  3. Celebrates mindfulness. Living in the now and being more mindful will do nothing but benefit you by boosting your happiness and reducing stress. Learning to be tuned into yourself and your needs is a start, but to learn even more we have an article to help- How to Be Mindful.
  4. Encourages gratitude.
  5. Provides fulfillment.
  6. Helps connect to inner strength.
  7. Provides a sense of control.
  8. Focuses on self-discipline.
  9. Cleanses your consciousness.
  10. Stimulates chakras. According to the ancient Hindu texts, the Vedas, yoga is thought to serve the purpose of balancing the chakras. The chakras are our energy centers and are believed to hold the key to a balanced life.
  11. Encourages carrying positive intentions throughout the day.
  12. Helps celebrate life’s positives. Yoga is praised for relieving stress, but what about when something great happens? Fully reap the mental benefits of your successes during your yoga practice too! If you’re seeking some help in the positivity department, you might want to consider reading Choose Happiness for tips on achieving your ultimate level of fulfillment.  
  13. And accept life’s negatives. Sometimes life can get you down, but getting down on the mat and just moving the body helps relieve some of the sadness. Our article, Dealing with Uncertainty, can be of great help if you or someone you know is going through a tough time.
  14. Provides a means of self-expression.
  15. Promotes self-discovery.
  16. Connects you to your purpose in life.
  17. Teaches patience.
  18. Provides perspective.
  19. Promotes open-mindedness.
  20. Encourages forgiveness. Forgiving others, and sometimes ourselves, is not an easy skill, but it’s an important one to learn. During yoga you’re instructed to do what feels good to you in the moment. This kind of mindfulness allows you to acknowledge what’s going on in your life and reflect on your actions in a way that will help you forgive things in the past.

We hope you share our passion for yoga and enjoyed hearing all of these amazing things yoga does for our minds, bodies, and spirits. Tell your friends, tell your parents! Even tell your grandparents if you think they would benefit! Help us spread the good word and share this guide with everyone who might need it!

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