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The time has come! The new release of YogaTailor is out!

We at Yogatailor believe that health and well-being are key elements to a happy fulfilling life. We are passionate about helping people achieve their goals by improving their health and mindset. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind which leads to achieving true potential. We want to show you just how much you can really be.

Nine months ago we created the Yogatailor app, an interactive way for anyone to practice yoga and mindfulness, on their terms and on their time schedule. Today we releasing a new, updated version with many exciting features:

  • New user interface–Includes a timeline through which you can track all of your yoga and meditation activity (both within and outside the app) as well as your moods and emotional states.
  • Meditation guides–Select self-guided or voice-guided, set a goal and your preferred duration, and begin meditating!
  • Specific meditation goals–Choose from several goals depending on what you need that day. Choose “calm” to recenter your thoughts, “loving” to promote compassion, or “mindful” to increase awareness of your environment. Each meditation is accompanied by a serene image, allowing you to surround yourself with nature and serenity wherever you are. The self-guided meditations also include sounds, immersing you in the natural setting. Close your eyes, imagine the setting, and listen to the soothing sounds while you meditate.


As with the previous version, the adorable puppy Akira will accompany you throughout your journey. Maintainingwell-being is possible even with the busiest schedule, and we are dedicated to bringing you a way to do it.

Update your app here and share your comments and experiences with us on Twitter @yogatailor and in the comments below. Namaste!

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