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How to Transition Your Yoga Clothes

If you find yourself sneaking out of yoga to get to your next activity before savasana even starts, you’re missing out on the full benefits of class! This article will teach you how to keep your zen and look like you spent all morning getting ready. It is possible!

As much as you might wish, chances are after class you’re headed somewhere where the dress code doesn’t exactly welcome yoga pants. Unless you’re in college, in which case wear all the yoga pants you want! And if you’re not in college don’t worry, we’re all in a land of opportunity right now. Designers everywhere are picking up the gym to street trend and creating yoga clothes that are as functional as they are fashionable.

Before we dive into the outfits, you may want to freshen up a bit. The following is a day in the life with lots of tips and essential items you may want to keep in your gym bag for a quick fix.

6:45AMWake up, check your social media (@yogatailor hint, hint), and pack your bag full of the essentials.

6:55AM: Get dressed in your cutest pair of yoga pants and that top that makes you feel good.

7:00AM: Do a little hair prep. If you can manage, this step will make things a lot easier later. Spray your major sweat points with dry shampoo(roots, hairline, and behind the ears) and pull your hair into a ponytail using a cloth hair tie. For extra sweat protection add a wide headband. Using dry shampoo before an activity where you might get sweaty adds volume and absorbs sweat. The cloth hair ties prevent creasing, and the wide head band keeps any extra sweat at bay. You’re basically a hair ninja now.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 2.14.26 PM

Head Band: Asics |Hair Ties: Under Armour | Dry Shampoo Powder: Lush | Dry Shampoo Spray: Batiste

7:08AM: Eat a small breakfast on the go. The Healthy Maven’s Blueberry Muffin Energy Balls are always a pleaser.


7:10AM: Drive to yoga. Preferably do so while jamming out to your favorite song. If you do yoga at home skip this step or put on music and dance anyway, your call.

7:30AM: Roll out your mat and get your downward dog on.

7:45AM: Attempt to remember the intention you set at the beginning of class. It’s still pretty early.

8:20AM: Try to relax in savasana without thinking about what you have going on during the day.

8:30AM: Say namaste to your instructor and casually walk/run out of class like you aren’t about to be late to something.

8:35AM: Clean yourself up using a towelette. They’re not just for your hands anymore! Plus, there’s no time for a shower. You didn’t really get that sweaty anyway, right?


8:40AM: Don’t forget the deodorant! A natural option like the Lavanila deodorant is great because it’s better for you and adds a layer of freshness to whatever perfume you pick.


8:41AM: Quick change into your new outfit (see below).

8:45AM: Attempt to tame your hair and add more dry shampoo as needed.

8:50AM: Say forget it and put your hair into a chic updo instead. Here’s a list of 17 that are perfect for post-workout.


8:55AM: Do the 5 minute makeup challenge and apply only the essentials. Streamline your makeup bag ahead of time with a few items that you really feel like you need.

9:00AM: Leave the studio, or house, and get on with your day!

Now that you’ve cleaned up, it’s time for this fun stuff- outfits!



Dress: H&M | Bra: Lululemon | Jacket: Rebecca Minkoff | Shoes: Forever 21 | Necklace: Ippolita | Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury

Looks like you’ve scored a date, nice! Let’s face it, figuring out what to wear on a date is tricky whether you’re coming from a workout or not. You might as well work out those nerves with some yoga (hot yoga not endorsed). Bonus points for getting that post-workout glow!

A sports bra may not be your first thought for date night, but Lululemon, and lot’s of other more affordable retailers, are making bras with flirty crossed straps in the back. By pairing this style of bra with a low back dress, you’ve automatically made a statement.

Just in case it’s cold, grab a jacket to throw on- a workout jacket that is! Even if it covers your fun straps, this jacket by Rebecca Minkoff is an athletic jacket with a sassy moto structure that keeps you warm and shows that you’re fashion forward.

Opting for flats rather than heels means you can wear the same shoes to yoga and your date, avoiding packing an extra pair in your bag. Add a long dainty necklace and a swipe of pinky-nude lipstick to finish off the look with a natural, but put together feel.




Top: Lucy | Leggings: Under Armour | Skirt: Romwe | Blazer: Wallis | Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood | Bag: Victoria Beckham Watch: Kate Spade

A good blazer or trench can make anything look more sophisticated. When all else fails, a blazer and some confidence will get you far in life. This outfit may be the easiest transition to make because you can wear the same top. Choosing a sleeved shirt with cinching at the bottom keeps your top from riding up during class and works well at the office.

For bottoms, a wrap skirt adds a fun and professional feel to the look. Plus, in the colder months you can even keep your leggings underneath the skirt for warmth! Like the last outfit, flats are a good option because you can wear them to yoga and work. Throw on a watch, add a nice black tote, and you’re off!


Tank: Sweaty Betty | Leggings: Alo Yoga | Cardigan: H&M (similar) | Shoes: J. Crew (similar) | Hat: Rag & Bone | Sunglasses: Wildfox | Bag: Adidas by Stella McCartney

This is the outfit where you get to be the most lax. It’s the weekend! Who’s to say you can’t wear your yoga outfit all day as you hit up brunch with the girls, grab some groceries, or go to the park? Adding a few extra pieces to spice things up will make people wonder if you just worked out or if you’re just that fashionable.

Patterned leggings act as the statement piece here and add a fun element to this otherwise basic outfit. Whatever pattern you choose, pair it with a solid colored tank that complements the colors in the pants.

Layering is the key to making any outfit more interesting. It’s also the essential ingredient for transitioning your workout clothes to street wear. Throwing on an oversized cardigan makes the look more relaxed against the rest of the form fitting clothing.

This is your chance to go crazy with accessories. Funky pink shades and a floppy hat? Check! Slip on sandals are the easiest option, and this pair from J. Crew stand out with their metallic hue.

Now run off to your date, desk, or whatever else you do after yoga knowing that you look and feel good.

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