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Mindfulness, yoga, procrastination…and irony

It’s because of mindfulness that I have become quiet adept, at confessing things I wouldn’t normally confess…like…ahem…I find it a challenge to stay focused…the irony.

This is because I find I am easily distracted, and it usually happens when I am doing research (“I’ll take five minutes to look at this website quickly”) and then suddenly I am sucked into the giant rabbit hole of the internet. I already feel I am starting to earn a qualification in procrastination…. something writers are especially good at.

Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin, declared the American entrepreneur, Victor Kiam. He also said; “Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.” So that’s a comforting thought…I feel some days I swing between those two quotes.

But I am taking active measures to deal with…well myself. So setting time limits with alarms on how long I am allowed to research, check social media and those tasks that really are time-wasters. This also means that my phone (which I dislike anyway), has to be regulated.

So (in theory) distracted no more…although of course, I still have to push away the desire at wanting to be distracted. This is where yoga, for me, is essential to quiet the mind, improve concentration and essentially bring back focus – the warrior’s to get in the mindset to fight off procrastination, and balancing postures to calm the mind and keep those dastardly distracting thoughts away.

I am hoping that having ceased all those distractions that I’ll get around to finishing that book of mine…ironically a humorous look at mindfulness. There always seems to be irony in my life.

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