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7 Yoga-Inspired Pokemon Characters We Want to See in Pokemon Go

How about some Yoga Pokemons doing some Pokemon Yoga? By now, you’ve probably heard about the huge phenomenon and ridiculously addicting game, Pokemon Go. For those that haven’t, it’s a location-based, augmented reality game that was designed for iPhone and Android. Players use the maps from the game to travel their surrounding areas to find and “catch” Pokemon. The more they catch, the higher they move up in the game. The game has been popular among kids and adults alike and has been praised for being a video game that encourages players to go outside and be active, which is fantastic.

So which Yoga-inspired Pokemon characters would we like to see? Check them out!

While it’s too early to tell how Pokemon Go is affecting activity levels, it’s currently the most popular app on the iTunes store and less than five days after its launch, Pokemon Go reached a 10.81% daily user interaction rate. Without getting into the details, that’s a super successful app, and it hasn’t even been a full month since its release. So it’s safe to presume that Pokemon Go players are getting a fair amount of exercise in that they previously weren’t. However, for a game that’s encouraging activity, there could be a little more activity in its characters that players can relate to. Hence, the 7 yoga-inspired characters that should be in Pokemon Go.

Yoga can be relaxing, soothing, energizing, or strenuous. It all depends on your own personal practice and what your goals are when you set out to practice. There’s yoga for any situation you may be in—similar to how there’s a Pokemon for any type of situation you may be in while playing the game. We’ve come up with 7 yoga pose-inspired Pokemon characters that will help you out any situation, and would definitely help you rise in levels if they were in Pokemon Go.

The Characters We’d Like to See in Pokemon Go

1. Marichi

Marichyasana, or Marichi, has a truly powerful name as it quite literally means “a ray of light” from the sun or the moon. How can you go wrong with a Pokemon that’s name is derived from such a powerful position? This yoga pose is wonderful for lower backache, asthma, constipation, menstrual cramps, and digestion. You can find our Marichi anywhere in nature, but she particularly loves places where she can sun bathe like the beach or an open park.

Marichi Yoga Pose Inspired Pokemon Go

Marichi Yoga Pokemon

2. Bhujanga

Our Bhujanga Pokemon is inspired by Bhujangasana or, Cobra Pose. This pose stretches your abdominal muscles, strengthens your arms, shoulders, and back, increases flexibility, and eases tension—elevating your mood. Thus, Bhujana is a pretty flexible, easy-going, happy little Pokemon. You’d find him slithering around in the grass in the park.

Bhujana Cobra Pose Yoga Inspired Pokemon Go Characters

3. Garuda

Ah, our tough Pokemon. Derived from the yoga pose Garudasana, or eagle pose, Garuda is a voracious, yet balanced fighter. This pose helps with lower backache, sciatica, and asthma. You can find Garuda high up in the sky or resting his wings by sitting planes overhead. Check your local airports, they might report some strange sightings of Garuda flying around.

Garuda Yoga Inspired Pokemon Go

4. Bheka

Ardha Bheka Kapotasana, is a deeper alternative to pigeon pose while incorporating elements of frog pose. In this pose, you can stretch your hips, quadriceps, and knees, but be careful not to strain your meniscus. Bheka, our Pokemon is a pretty durable and reliable girl, you can count on her when in a jam for sure, but be careful not to mess with her temper too much as she’s quick to anger and can quickly turn on you. You can find Bheka relaxing by the water—streams, ponds, and rivers are her favorite, but she’s known to go by the ocean as well.   

Bheka Frog Pose, Yoga Inspired Pokemon Go

5. Anjaneya

Anjaneya is the king of our Pokemons and you’ll shortly see why. Anjaneyasana, or low lunge, is a yoga pose meant to strengthen the supporting muscles for your knees, increase your mental focus, increase balance, and stretch your hip flexors. All of which makes Anjaneya, our Pokemon, a sturdy, humble, reliable, and very powerful monkey to have on your team. He’s not quite as strong as Bheka, but he’s much easier to control and less temperamental. This monkey can be found just about anywhere, but he loves to hang out in parks, trees, and airports.

Anjaneya Monkey Pose, Yoga Inspired Pokemon Go

6. Simha

Simhasana, or lion’s pose, when done correctly, engages the entire body—your throat, chest, buttox, and quadraceps. It’s a great pose to increase your mental focus and releases tension as you, like a lion, roar. Thus, our Pokemon Simha is a fierce, powerful guy that can primarily be found in forests.

Simha Yoga Inspired Pokemon Go

7. Matsya

Matsyasana, or fish pose, stretches the chest and neck, helps relieve tension and stress in the shoulders, and respiratory relief. When done in water this pose helps you to float like a fish, hence the name. Like her namesake, Matsya loves to be in the water and she can normally be found in pools, lakes, and oceans.

Fish Pose Yoga Inspired Pokemon Go

7. + Baka (surprise!)

Whoops, we have one more! As a special mention, we have Bakasana, or crow pose. This pose is great for strengthening your arm and abdominal muscles and for stretching your back. You can find Baka flying above your head, flying low.

Bakasana Crow Pose Yoga Inspired Pokemon Go Those were our 7 Yoga Pokemon Go characters. What other yoga-inspired characters would you like to see in Pokemon Go?  


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