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Restorative Yoga and Physical Therapy Stretches for Better Posture (Infographic)

Studies have shown that poor sitting and standing habits do not affect posture alone. These can also wreak havoc with your internal framework – organs, bones, cells and tissues – leading to a wide variety of illnesses which can have tremendous effects on your daily life. But you can counteract this by doing some yoga for better posture as outlined in this YogaTailor infographic created specifically for you .

Why do you need to do yoga for better posture?

Statistics show that people lose a huge amount of time and money for treatments of ailments brought about by poor posture. Uncorrected, poor posture can worsen as you age. Not to mention that it can lead to long-term bodily aches and pains.

Effects of age on posture - yogatailor yoga blog

Effect of age on posture

Why bear all that burden when you can prevent it by doing yoga for better posture?

The first few poses in this infographic are so simple and easy, you can virtually do them right inside your office. No fancy equipment needed. Just your chair and a table will do.

The other poses, on the other hand, can be done right after waking up or going to bed. Go ahead and stretch those muscles!

Do these yoga poses daily and you’ll notice positive changes in your health and well-being. You’ll sleep better, eat smarter and in the process, work more effectively.

Integrative Physio Therapy and Yoga Poses for Better Posture

Integrative Yoga and Physical Therapy Stretches for a Better Posture

Do you have a good or bad posture?

Some people do not even pay attention to their posture until they feel the ill effects of their bad habits. The best way to check is to stand  in front of a mirror. Turn sideways and take note of what you see. Better yet, ask someone to take your picture. Now check the area in this infographic that says, “Difference between good and bad posture”. How do you fare?

Differences between good posture and bad posture

Differences between good posture and bad posture

The Benefits of Doing Yoga Posture

Doing these yoga poses might consume some time and effort initially, but frequent practice will make them easier for you. Go forward and begin reaping the benefits of good posture.

Benefits of Good Posture

Benefits of Good Posture



Kanchan Thakar, Resident Physical Therapist and Restorative Yoga expert

Kanchan Thakar, Resident Physical Therapist and Restorative Yoga Expert

The stretches and poses in this article have been put together by Kanchan Thakar. Kanchan Thakar is a licensed physical therapist for 25+ years. She likes to integrate restorative yoga in her practice for personal wellness and also for those who need help with mobility and pain issues. Recently, during the pursuit of expanding her horizons, she studied with world renowned restorative Yoga teacher Judith Lasater and got a certification for teaching Restorative yoga. She is based out of Cupertino, California




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