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Yoga Before Bed: Holistic Guide to Better Sleep Infographic

Sometimes sleep can be hard to come by; you lay in bed for what seems like hours, yet you can’t seem to fall asleep. That may be acceptable for one or two nights a month, but it’s definitely not something you want to get into the habit of. You’re not alone, 45% of Americans claim that they suffer from disrupted sleep. If you factor in that Americans sleepless hours on average than what’s recommended—that makes for some very grumpy individuals!

Do yoga before bed to help you sleep better and enjoy the benefits of having enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep is absolutely vital for our bodies and minds to function properly and fortunately, yoga before bed can help regulate your sleep. Doing poses like Ardha Chandrasana (seated half moon pose) and Shavasana (corpse pose) can really help your body and mind to relax right before going to sleep.

It can have an impact on your immune system, according to a study conducted by the Surrey Sleep Research Centre. Researchers found that poor sleep quality for just one week could impact hundreds of genes related to metabolism, response to stress, and our immune system, which helps to protect us from illness and disease. For a more in depth look at this, look at this detailed article about the impact of lack of sleep on the immune system.

This yoga before bed infographic gives you the reasons behind your lack of sleep, quick tips to fall asleep faster and yoga poses to help you fall asleep faster and get your sleep schedule back on track:

Holistic Guide to Better Sleep

For more information on sleep and how yoga can help you sleep better, check out our other in-depth resources here and here.

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