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Yoga Teacher Blogs: Yogatailor’s Top 16 Picks

Yoga has ceased to be a fashionable thing enjoyed by those who can afford sessions with renowned yogis. It has become a way of life and has taken a modern turn. As such, you can find yoga schools and teachers sprouting like mushrooms all over the world.

With an increasing number of yoga teacher blogs, how can you be sure that the one you’re currently following contains updated, reliable content?

This is the reason why Yogatailor researched and compiled some of the best yoga teacher blogs in the  internet today.

Our criteria for choosing the top yoga teacher blogs are as follows:

  1. Credibility. We define credibility in two ways: certification and years of practice. A certain yogi may not have a certificate, but his or her years of practice as proven by testimonials and thoughts may even surpass those with certifications.
  2. Content. Blogs must have varied content – video tutorials, inspirational/motivational articles, images capturing the essence of yoga.
  3. Consistency. Blogs must be updated on a regular basis.

Here’s our list, in no specific order.

Yoga teacher blogs: Yogatailor’s List

If you are a beginner yogi wanting to learn more about yoga and it’s sub-culture, this is the blog for you: – Yogi Hari Bhajan provides you with a cornucopia of yoga moves, healthy organic recipes, and uplifting meditation that can help transform your life for the better.

Yoga Teacher Blogs: Yogatailor's Top 16 Picks

Yogi Hari Bhajan Img src:

If you want yoga with a different twist:

Beautiful Mind Beautiful Body – Julia, a wellness expert and holistic adviser, combines three natural methods (Yoga, Aromatherapy and Ayurveda) to help people heal and achieve a better quality of life. She offers classes, retreats, workshops and her own line of aromatherapy products.

Yoga Teacher Blogs: Yogatailor's Top 16 Picks

Julia White
Img. Src: Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography

Rachel Brathen This well-designed, user-friendly website offers online classes, retreats, workshops, recipes, memoirs and yes, even SUP yoga! After all, Rachel is one of its pioneers. No wonder, this website is considered as the largest yoga account, with 2 million followers and still counting.

top yoga teacher blog

Rachel Brathen
Img. Src:

YogaByCandace Candace Cabrera Moore, the founder of YogaByCandace, went through a very difficult time in her life when she became sick with Lyme disease. During this time, she promised herself that she would do things that she always wanted as soon as she got well. Yoga was one of those things so she went to Thailand where she got complete yoga teacher training. YogaByCandace now has its very own yoga app, 2.2 million readers and 147,000 followers across different social media platforms. It offers a variety of yoga programs, retreats, yoga videos and more.

top yoga teacher blogs

Candace Cabrera Moore
Img. Src:

Ali Kamenova Interval Yoga– This teacher offers a unique yoga style by combining traditional techniques with advanced movements. Ali’s type of yoga is athletic but spiritual. It maximizes your ability to move your body, keep you fit, breath correctly, and more.

top yoga teacher blogs

Ali Kamenova
Img Src

Anacostia Yogi – Sariane Leigh, a.k.a  Anacostia Yogi, describes herself as a modern-day revolutionary who promotes the use of wellness for dealing with health issues. She has given yoga practice a bit of a twist by applying a little dose of African-American spirituality.  

Anacostia Yogi Img Src: pic_2 sari_teaching

Anacostia Yogi
Img Src: pic_2 sari_teaching

Sadie Nardini – Who says yoga is only for the prim and proper? Here’s Sadie Nardini, a fierce but fabulous badass of a woman who aims to empower women to “make the transition from Drama Queens to straight up conscious Queens.” The site offers  tools, training, workouts, recipes, resources, inspirations and so much more that you can use to remove roadblocks and suffering.

Top Yoga Teacher Blog

Sardie Nardini
Img. Src: Yoga Shred Promo with Sadie Nardini

Brown Yoga – If it’s original, relatable content that you’re after, then J. Brown will definitely win your heart, hands down. He’s got engaging content, from articles to podcasts. His philosophy: gentle is the new advanced.

J. Brown Img Src:

J. Brown
Img Src:


If you want to master meditation:

Elena Brower This neatly designed website has so much to offer about everything yoga. Founded by no less than the co-author of “Art of Attention”, Elena Brower has been teaching yoga long before it became popular. Check out her blog and you’ll find lots of celebrity interviews, yoga and meditation tips, and more.

Elena Brower Img. Src:

Elena Brower
Img. Src:

For yogis and yoga teachers:

Jason Crandell This site is actually operated by husband-and-wife team, Jason Crandell and Andrea Ferretti. It has a simple interface with varied content ranging from recipes, yoga tips, classes and so on.

Yoga Teacher Blogs: Yogatailor's Top 16 Picks

Jason Crandell
Img. Src:

Curvy Yoga – Curvy Yoga was founded by an obese woman who had tried all sorts of diets and exercises. She was told that she was too fat to do yoga, and is finally proving them all wrong through self-love and acceptance. Anna Guest-Jelley, founder and CEO (Curvy Executive Officer) of Curvy Yoga shares tips, trainings and a whole lot more to help curvy women understand their bodies better and at the same time train yoga teachers on how they can best optimize their students’ practices.

Yoga Teacher Blogs: Yogatailor's Top 16 Picks

Anna Guest-Jelley Img. Src:


If you want to learn yoga at your own pace and time:

Neghar Fonooni – This is one of the yoga teacher blogs that offers a yoga program that you can learn at your own pace and time. Here, Neghar shares her insights, tips, and her own yoga adventure. It also features a shop where you can buy different wellness products.

Yoga Teacher Blogs: Yogatailor's Top 16 Picks

Neghar Fonooni
Img. Src:

Yoga with Adriene Adriene gives yoga a “yummy” twist as she encourages you to do your best and find what feels good for your body. Adriene also leads her own yoga community where you can find great content that can inspire and motivate you to become a better, healthier version of yourself. Adriene is uber popular on youtube where she has more than a million followers. She posts yoga videos for beginners and experts. She also posts yoga for videos for specific situations eg yoga for anxiety relief, yoga poses to do for better sleep etc.

Yoga Teacher Blogs: Yogatailor's Top 16 Picks

Img. Src:

Lexi Yoga This is one of the yoga teacher blogs that’s not only informative – it packs a lot of fun, too. It has yoga videos for beginners and yoga poses that you can try at home. It also boasts of a yoga reviews page where Lexi shares her thoughts on different health products, from food to yoga wear to books.

Yoga Teacher Blogs: Yogatailor's Top 16 Picks

Img Src:

Jayne Becca Yoga. Jayne Becca gives yoga a fun and youthful approach from her site’s design to her writing style. She offers video tutorials, teacher tips, healthy recipes yoga products and more.

Yoga Teacher Blogs: Yogatailor's Top 16 Picks

Jayne Becca
Img Src:


If you are an athlete who’s trying to restore and rejuvenate your body back to top performance while keeping injury at bay:

Jason Papalio Jason Papalio has a unique offering. He’s an athletic recovery specialist who helps trainees, amateurs and professional sportsmen perform to the best of their abilities and in some cases, heal naturally.

Yoga Teacher Blogs: Yogatailor's Top 16 Picks

Jason Papalio
Img. Src:

This is Yogatailor’s top 16 yoga teacher blogs. Do you know of similar blogs that you feel should be included in this list? Then feel free to write them in the comments box below. Thanks!

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