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    Setting Healthy Boundaries

    ‘Whoosh! Beep! Beep!’ A large bus speeds through an intersection in front of you, cars honk angrily, passers-by pause at the intersection. You are standing on a busy city street. Crowds of…

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    Benefits of Coloring (for Adults)

    “Mommy Mommy! Look what I made!” an excited 5 year-old squeals, jumping up and down. She is holding up a piece of paper, covered with bright colors scribbled through the inky black…

  • thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving from Yogatailor!

    What a beautiful time of year this is, with bright red and orange leaves on the trees, the fresh smell of rain, and the weather perfect for curling up in front of…

  • Mindfulness at Work

    Mindfulness at Work

    “There is so much to do!” “Work is crazy this week!” “I barely have time to breathe.”  We hear these phrases all too often . These days most everyone seems to be…

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    Healthy Living

    Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils

    With the weather changing and flu season around the corner, it is more important than ever to keep ourselves healthy and our immunity high. And while cough syrups and over-the-counter drugs are…

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    Choose Happiness

    What comes to mind when you hear the word “happiness”? Many people think of smiles, positive energy, improved health and relationships, increased longevity, and a host of other very appealing attributes. Essentially,…

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    App Release

    The time has come! The new release of YogaTailor is out! Follow us on Follow to stay up to date with all our blog posts!…

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    Dealing With Uncertainty

    Not too long ago, a friend of mine was going through a difficult period of her life. She had recently graduated university (with a major she regretted), was having difficulty finding a…

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    Benefits of Yoga

    The Brain on Yoga

    We explore the effects of yoga on the brain and mental health especially in helping with depression, anxiety, insomnia and mood disorders. We have all heard that yoga is a great practice—that it…

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    Benefits of Yoga

    Yoga for Anorexia Treatment

    Yoga and anorexia? How and why would the two ever intersect? It is easy to hear “anorexia” and think of starving young girls, very sick and very unhappy. We automatically think of…

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    How to Be Mindful

    Recently there has been a huge spotlight on mindfulness. You may have come across articles describing its benefits and positive effects on health and well-being. But what is mindfulness, exactly? Follow us…