About Us

Our mission at yogatailor.com is to make yoga easily accessible to everyone. We are very passionate about yoga and want more and more people to reap the benefits of yoga. Yoga is different from a cardio workout. Its highly recommended to do yoga regularly rather than large dosages sporadically - meaning, its better to do 10-20 minutes of yoga everyday than cram in 2 hours over the weekend. Most people cannot stick with a yoga program because of the inconvenience of finding a studio, setting a schedule and figuring out what is the best fit for their individual needs.
We at yogatailor have come up with a novel approach. We came up with the Pandora for Yoga. We custom fit online yoga routines based on criteria that you provide. An online yoga video is created just for you that you can watch instantly. The programs are different on different days so that you don't get bored. The programs even adapt as you learn and make progress.
We are a group of yoga instructors and yoga enthusiasts, mainly in the San Francisco Bay area. We are always looking for more people to contribute to the videos and the blogs. Contact us at betty@yogatailor.com.

Erika Van Gemeren, Yoga Instructor

Based out of San Francisco, California, Erika has been practicing yoga for over twelve years. A Bay Area native, Erika grew up dancing. Her favorite forms include jazz, ballet and modern dance. Yoga was a natural extension to her dance repertoire and she developed an immediate passion for her practice. Her goal is to inspire and instill this same passion in others. She is a certified instructor who completed a rigorous 200-hour Teacher Training Course at the Yoga Tree in San Francisco. Erika specializes in Vinyasa Flow but started training with Ashtanga. In an effort to always learn and grow, she continues to train under Janet Stone.

Chikako Takeuchi, Yoga Instructor

Chikako is an internationally certified yoga teacher who has been teaching yoga for over 12 years. She has taught and modeled internationally. She holds a M.Ed in Montessori Education. Being a childhood competitive swimmer, she finally learned how to breathe effectively through the nose when she learnt yoga. She is a former US taichi/kungfu champion. Her yoga practice has been complementing her dance & wushu practice. She is an active volunteer for the non-profit organization, Art of Living Foundation. She enjoys dancing, singing, and travelling.

Betty Jones, marketing

Betty lives in the San Francisco bay area. She loves yoga, meditation and eating well. She fell in love with the concept of yogatailor.com and decided to join up and spread the word using her marketing skills. She believes social media marketing is the future.

Ramesh Padala, founder and ceo

Ramesh is a high tech entrepreneur who lives in the SF bay area. He is a Stanford grad with more than 16 years of experience in developing technology products that are practical and easy to use. He discovered the benefits of yoga after a snowboarding accident left his back in a bad shape. Wanting to do yoga when he travels, he looked into online yoga and found the offerings very ineffective. He believes with the confluence of cloud based technology and smart devices like the ipad, android, this is the time for innovative products to bridge the gap. Effective delivery and Pandora-style adaption of videos is the way to go, he feels. Ramesh loves snowboarding, yoga, meditation and racquetball

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