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Managing & Overcoming Depression

This yoga practice will allow us to start shifting the experience of depression in both body and mind. This is a gentle yoga sequence with some meditation and affirmations, that can help restore your energy and reconnect with the blessings of your life.

To maximize its benefits, it is recommended to practice daily. Thus, your brain can be re-wired for positive change and the emotional healing process can take place. While practicing these postures your heart will gradually open and bring a more durable sense of joy into your daily life. The sequence includes pranayama, asana and a restorative posture with a guided visualization.

Recommended  Props

We will need one folded firm blanket (approximately folded measurements 11×23 inches) and another prop such a pillow or rolled blanket.

Intentions, Affirmations

Before we start let’s set an achievable intention for today’s practice. It can be a physical one such as: “I will keep my torso nice and tall”; “I will be more aware of my inhalations” “ I will keep my chest lifted.” Or a more subtle one such as: “I will keep a smile on my face even if I don’t feel to smile”. Or… “I will keep the faith in myself alive” (–)

Thank your for taking this healing step into the path of yoga.

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